Wire rope hoists
STAHL CraneSystems’ wire rope hoists are reliable, powerful and have a very long service life.
They are able to lift weights from 500 kg to 160.000 kg.
Chain hoist
No other manufacturer offers such a large complete range of chain hoists as STAHL CraneSystems. With safe working loads between 63 and 6,300 kg, explosion-protected versions, modular design and countless off-standard solutions the chain hoists are equipped for the most varied applications.
Our rope winches lift heavy loads up to 160 t. Their powerful hoist motors and robust, low-maintenance design make them perfectly equipped for rugged everyday work.

Cranes – Complete crane systems

Our experts are able to make crane systems on special request from each client, according to existing project or by our project, ensuring the best quality of installed components.

We are creating a complete crane construction, installation and testing.
Crane movement in all directions (up-down, left-right and forward-backward) can be electric, manual or combined.
Control is performed using a control board with the cable remote or radio connection.

Our program:
* Single girder cranes from 0.5t to 10t. They are used for easier loads.
* Double girder cranes from 1t to 25t. They are used for heavier loads.
* Monorail cranes from 0,125t to 10t. They are commonly used in industrial linear actuators, where the needs of cargo movement are up
  and down and back and forth.
* Pole cranes are specific because they have straight and circular movement of cargo to 360 degrees.
* Console cranes mounted on the wall have the straight line and the circular motion of cargo up to 180 degrees.
* Portal cranes can be fixed or mobile, that can be rail or free loaders on wheels.

Also, we can offer production and assembly of all types of conveyors (conveyors, chains, screw, elevators, magnetic separators) and tools for cargo handling (traverzne, grips, pulleys, wheelbarrows, buckets)


STAHL CraneSystems is ranked among the leading producers of equipment for weight lifting, with their high standards in innovation.


Procurement of air compressors from world renowned companies like MARK, BAUER and SAUER, dryers and other accessories and spare parts.


Manometers and thermometers according to specific parameters (pressure; temperature; material; application)