Wire rope hoists
STAHL CraneSystems’ wire rope hoists are reliable, powerful and have a very long service life.
They are able to lift weights from 500 kg to 160.000 kg.
Chain hoist
No other manufacturer offers such a large complete range of chain hoists as STAHL CraneSystems. With safe working loads between 63 and 6,300 kg, explosion-protected versions, modular design and countless off-standard solutions the chain hoists are equipped for the most varied applications.
Our rope winches lift heavy loads up to 160 t. Their powerful hoist motors and robust, low-maintenance design make them perfectly equipped for rugged everyday work.

Cranes - STAHL CraneSystems

STAHL CraneSystems is ranked among the leading producers of equipment for weight lifting, with their high standards in innovation, technology and quality and social and ecological responsibility.

Our engineers are ready to work with their teams to develop the best possible solutions in case the standard product is not able to fulfill all buyer’s needs.

Many companies from different industry branches all over the world have chosen maximum safety and quality by using premium products of STAHL CraneSystems.

Crane technology with explosive protection is used in many industrial branches such as chemical and petrochemical industry, mining, production of electrical energy, food and medicine. With their highly developed solutions, STAHL CraneSystems is a leader on the world market for this kind of cranes.

With their first explosive-protected crane, produced in 1926, STAHL CraneSystems has significantly contributed to the success of this whole industrial branch and development of current industrial standards.

Ex-cranes from STAHL CraneSystems satisfy European ATEX regulations. Starting with year 2010, products are certified in accordance with international IECEx standards. That is a great benefit for international buyers when obtaining national certificates.

If you are looking for a crane of a first class brand, with sophisticated and advanced technology, look no further. Our engineers will give their absolute best to provide an answer for all your needs.


STAHL CraneSystems is ranked among the leading producers of equipment for weight lifting, with their high standards in innovation.


Procurement of air compressors from world renowned companies like MARK, BAUER and SAUER, dryers and other accessories and spare parts.


Manometers and thermometers according to specific parameters (pressure; temperature; material; application)