Wire rope hoists
STAHL CraneSystems’ wire rope hoists are reliable, powerful and have a very long service life.
They are able to lift weights from 500 kg to 160.000 kg.
Chain hoist
No other manufacturer offers such a large complete range of chain hoists as STAHL CraneSystems. With safe working loads between 63 and 6,300 kg, explosion-protected versions, modular design and countless off-standard solutions the chain hoists are equipped for the most varied applications.
Our rope winches lift heavy loads up to 160 t. Their powerful hoist motors and robust, low-maintenance design make them perfectly equipped for rugged everyday work.


Ječmenica co. is a Serbian family company headquartered in Belgrade. It was founded in 1994 to fulfill the demand for industrial equipment, machinery and spare parts on the domestic market.

Mission of the company is twofold: to assist domestic clients with finding and importing products necessary for their industry, and to promote domestic products on the international market.

In the year 2014 German company STAHL, one of the world leaders in the industrial cranes production, has granted us the status of general distributor for Serbia.

Our strategy for development is based on being as flexible as possible, so we can fulfill any request made by our clients. Our engineers, with their innovative ideas and technical solutions, are always ready to tailor the products and their implementation to match your exact need. We are also always looking to expanding our product portfolio, favoring moldable and customizable solutions that increase flexibility.

Our team of capable, highly-educated people follows latest developments with thoroughness and responsibility, making sure that all the new technologies are implemented and used in the best possible way, from the project phase, all the way to realization.

In all of our products, we are always offering expertise, efficiency and implementation of cutting-edge technology.

Our range of services and products:
* industrial cranes
* air compressors
* cooling compressors
* ultrasound predictive technology
* engineering on turnkey basis
* manometers, thermometers and thermo regulators
* filters for air purification along with equipment for personal protection


STAHL CraneSystems is ranked among the leading producers of equipment for weight lifting, with their high standards in innovation.


Procurement of air compressors from world renowned companies like MARK, BAUER and SAUER, dryers and other accessories and spare parts.


Manometers and thermometers according to specific parameters (pressure; temperature; material; application)